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Why should I outsource my billing?

Answer: Increase, accelerate and improve your revenue/reimbursement.  We dedicate all our time on insurance billing & collections; which allows the providers and his/her staff to focus more on patient care and the daily work of running an office.  By hiring us you can reduce operating costs by paying less payroll taxes and employee benefits.


How secure and private are my patients’ records?

Answer: We are HIPAA compliant, back up our system daily and the back-up media is stored off-site to protect your data.


How do I deliver my billing to your office?

Answer: We make rounds on Tuesdays and Thursdays (mid morning) to our providers offices to pick up paperwork.  You can also fax the paperwork to our secure fax line or email your paperwork using a secure email.


What is the cost?

Answer: We charge a percentage of what we collect in payments for your practice.  So if we don’t collect then we do not get paid.  We provide a monthly invoice with our month-end reports to all our providers.